Street Hockey USA hosted the annual Fall Classic tournament Sept. 14-15 at Hot Shots Indoor Sports Arena, Scottdale. Thirty-one teams and over 450 players participated. Results were:

Adult B street (8 teams)

Final: Arsenal (Penn Hills) 5, Four Aces (Philadelphia) 0

Semifinals: Four Aces 2, Fusion Killer B’s (Buffalo) 1 (shootout)

Arsenal 4, Stars & Snipes (Pittsburgh) 1

Quarterfinals: Four Aces 3, Penn Hills Freshmen 2

Stars & Snipes 4, DekStar (Ohio Township) 1

Outstanding Players: Justin Dunnivan, Arsenal; Taylor Fullmer, Four Aces


Adult Rec Street (12 teams)

Final: Reservoir Dogs (Lancaster, Pa.) 6, DekRats (Penn Hills) 3

Semifinals: Reservoir Dogs 5, Snipers (Pittsburgh) 2

DekRats 5, Top Flight (Penn Hills) 1

Quarterfinals: Reservoir Dogs 5, Ohio Street Hockey (Columbus) 1

DekRats 5, Cranberry 2

Snipers 5, Spare Parts (Ohio Township) 0

Top Flight 3, As Is Tradition (Mt. Pleasant) 1

Outstanding Players: Devin Tankesley, Reservoir Dogs; Mike Hosack, DekRats


Adult B Puck Roller (11 teams)

Finals: Benders (Pittsburgh) 11, Knights (Pittsburgh) 4

Semifinals: Benders 4, South Side Plumbing (Pittsburgh) 0

Knights 4, Bunnies (Pittsburgh) 3

Quarterfinals: Benders 11, Trappe Tavern (Philadelphia) 6

Knights 5, Suns Out/Guns Out (Scottdale) 1

South Side Plumbing 6, Multiple Scoregasms (Scottdale) 1

Bunnies 4, Sectum Sempra (Maryland) 3

Outstanding Players: Christian Scott, Benders; Dave Bargiel, Knights


Congratulations to all winning teams! Thanks to all participants, tournament and arena staff, and game officials!

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