Twenty-three teams and 207 players participated in the Penguins Youth Cup street hockey tournament March 8-9 at District 2 rink, Banksville. The District 2 rink is part of the Penguins’ Project Power Play! Results were:


Penguin (7-9 year-old; 5 teams)

Final: Murrysville A 5, Jr. DekRats 0

Semifinals: Murrysville A 8, Brookline 0

Jr. DekRats 2, Murrysville B 0

Murrysville A went 4-0 and outscored foes, 29-0!


Beaver (10-12 year-old; 6 teams)

Final: Sal’s Drywall 4, Murrysville A 0

Semifinals: Sal’s Drywall 4, Brookline 1

Murrysville A 1, Murrysville B 0


Cadet (13-15 year-old; 8 teams)

Final: Murrysville A 5, East Pittsburgh Stars A 0

Semifinals: Murrysville A 1, Sal’s Drywall 0

East Pittsburgh Stars A 3, Murrysville B 2


Freshman (16-19 year-old; 4 teams)

Final: Brookline Mayhem 5, Globo Gym 1

Semifinal: Globo Gym 3, Bill’s Dekhockey 2


All proceeds benefit the family of Kevin Kenny, a local ice hockey player who sustained a spinal injury while playing. Thanks to the Penguins for their support!

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  1. Chris Eberlein March 19, 2014 at 7:19 pm #

    As Vice President of District 2 hockey I want to thank Mark Madden and all the teams who played at our Dek for this tournament. Great teams and a great weekend! Look forward to more events at the District 2 Hockey Dek.

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