Street Hockey USA hosted its 19th annual National Championships April 25-27 at Robert Morris University Island Sports Center, Pittsburgh. Forty-three teams and over 600 players participated! Results were:

Adult Rec Street (22 teams)

Final: American Lite (Cranberry) 3, Mayhem (Brookline) 1

Semifinals: American Lite 2, Spare Parts (Ohio Township) 1 (shootout)

Mayhem 4, Team Wittman (Buffalo) 3 (shootout)

Quarterfinals: American Lite 6, Top Flight (Penn Hills) 2

Spare Parts 3, Dirty Birds 2 (Penn Hills) (shootout)

Mayhem 3, Wear-It (Buffalo) 2

Team Wittman 5, Bill’s (Belle Vernon) 2

Outstanding Players: Pat Batchelor, American Lite; Luke McAllister, Mayhem


Puck Roller A (10 teams)

Final: Alkali Illusion (Pittsburgh) 6, Mamalukes (Pittsburgh) 5 (overtime)

Semifinals: Alkali Illusion 6, Master Bladers (Scottdale) 3

Mamalukes 5, Kangabrews (Akron, Ohio) 3

Quarterfinals: Alkali Illusion 9, Team 814 (Johnstown) 4

Master Bladers 4, ShadyNasty (Pittsburgh) 3

Mamalukes 5, Duquesne (Pittsburgh) 2

Kangabrews 3, Venom (Bethel Park) 2

Outstanding players: Kevin Sines, Alkali Illusion; Denny Angle, Mamalukes


Puck Roller B (11 teams)

Final: Easton Fection (Butler) 4, Nova Red Army (Northern Virginia) 3 (shootout)

Semifinals: Easton Fection 6, North Park Inline (Gibsonia) 5

Nova Red Army 7, Rome (Pittsburgh) 2

Quarterfinals: Easton Fection 6, Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers (Erie) 3

North Park Inline 7, Hungry Hungry Higgins (Scottdale) 3

Nova Red Army 9, Maryland Knights (Baltimore) 1

Rome 8, Average Joe’s (Washington) 0

Outstanding Players: Jon Baird, Easton Fection; Mike D’Ignazio, Nova Red Army


Thanks to the staff at Robert Morris University Island Sports Center, all tournament officials, and all participating teams!

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