Street Hockey USA hosted the annual Fall Classic Sept. 12-13 at Hot Shots Indoor Sports Arena, Scottdale. 22 teams and over 370 players participated. Results were:


Adult Rec Street A (7 teams)

Final: Top Flight 5, Beat It 0

Semifinals: Top Flight 3, Outlaws 1

Beat It 2, Mayhem 1 (shootout)

Quarterfinals: Outlaws 4, Blitzkrieg 1

Mayhem 2, Cranberry 1 (overtime)

Outstanding players: Dan Siegel, Top Flight; Mike Alton, Beat It


Adult Rec Street B (8 teams)

Final: AIT Kings 4, Sex Panthers 2

Semifinals: AIT Kings 4, Misfits 0

Sex Panthers 1, Team Pitt Jokers 0 (shootout)

Quarterfinals: AIT Kings 5, DekHounds 0

Misfits 1, DekRats 0 (shootout)

Sex Panthers 8, Elite Motors Inc. 0

Team Pitt Jokers 1, DekStar 0 (forfeit)

Outstanding players: Ryan Bossart, AIT Kings; Brandon Persichetti, Sex Panthers


Cadet/13-15 Street (7 teams)

B Final: Riverview 3, Purple Power 2

B Semifinal: Purple Power 1, Justice 0

C Final: South Hills 2, Murrysville 0

C Semifinal: South Hills 3, Team Pitt Reapers 2 (OT)

Outstanding Players: Michael Rihn, Riverview; Troy Bryant, Purple Power; Braydon Frankfurt, South Hills; Jake Sepe, Murrysville


Thanks to the staff at Hot Shots Indoor Sports Arena, all tournament officials and all participating teams! Thanks especially to all Cadet/13-15 teams, coaches and parents for making that competition very memorable! Thanks to the Mario Lemieux Foundation for providing a signed jersey for a Cadet/13-15 MVP prize!

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