Street Hockey USA hosted its 21st annual National Championships April 22-24 at Robert Morris University Island Sports Center, Pittsburgh. 41 teams and over 750 players participated. Results were:


Adult Rec Street A (10 teams)

Final: Team Pitt Freshmen 3, Beat It 1

Semifinals: Team Pitt Freshmen 4, Outlaws 2
Beat It 4, Blitzkrieg 3

Quarterfinals: Team Pitt Freshmen 2, Sex Panthers 1
Outlaws 3, Leominster (Mass.) Titans 2
Beat It 4, Top Flight 1
Blitzkrieg 4, Mayhem 2

Outstanding players: Drew Albright, Team Pitt Freshmen; Mikael Lemieux, Beat It


Adult Rec Street B (16 teams)

Final: Cobras (Buffalo) 5, Destroyer (Buffalo) 2

Semifinals: Cobras 8, Bloomfield 2
Destroyer 4, Fighting Amish (Lancaster, Pa.) 3 (OT)

Quarterfinals: Cobras 8, Cranberry Eagles 0
Bloomfield 4, Cranberry Pit Bulls 2
Destroyer 4, Slashers 1
Fighting Amish 3, Raleigh (N.C.) 2

Elimination round: Cranberry Eagles 4, Chicago 3
Slashers 1, Misfits 0

Outstanding players: Marvin Pawlowski, Cobras; Frank Keitz, Destroyer


Co-ed Street (5 teams)

Final: Blitzkrieg Black 9, DekStar 6

Semifinals: Blitzkrieg Black 8, Gigawatts 2
DekStar 5, Blitzkrieg White 2

Outstanding players: Rich Allen, Blitzkrieg Black; Dave Loeffert, DekStar


Roller Hockey (10 teams)

B final: PHRHL 2, Wiltshire Park 1

B semifinals: PHRHL 7, Vendetta 2
Wiltshire Park 1, Dukes 0

C final: North Park InLine 4, Squatch (Oil City, Pa.) 1

C semifinals: North Park InLine 6, Tough Guys 3
Squatch 5, Twinks for Trump (Baltimore) 3

Outstanding players: Joe Stark, PHRHL; Jason Hosko, Wiltshire Park; Sean McCue, North Park InLine; Gregg Copley, Squatch


All teams from Western Pennsylvania unless otherwise indicated.

Thanks to the staff at Robert Morris University Island Sports Center, all tournament officials and all participating teams!

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