Forty-two youth teams and four women’s teams (400+ players) entered the Penguins Dekhockey Challenge (presented by Highmark). The tournament took place Sept. 30-Oct. 1 at the Banksville, Bloomfield, Brookline and Riverview dekhockey rinks.

Results were:

Penguin (7-9 year-old): 16 teams
Champion – Bill’s Falcons A
– Cranberry Jr. Bulls
Third place
– Team Pittsburgh Warriors
Fourth place
– Riverview Silver
B champion
– Brookline Howitzers
B runner-up
– South Hills Invaders
– Bill’s Falcons A 2, Cranberry Jr. Bulls 1
Third Place
– Team Pittsburgh Warriors 8, Riverview Silver 0
B Final
– Brookline Howitzers 7, South Hills Invaders 0

Beaver (10-12): 14 teams
Champion – Team Pittsburgh Black Knights
– Team Pittsburgh Gold Knights
Third place
– Brookline Saints
Fourth place
– Penn Hills Arsenal A
B champion
– Cranberry Bulls
B runner-up – Riverview Black
– Team Pittsburgh Black Knights 2, Team Pittsburgh Gold Knights 0
Third Place
– Brookline Saints 3, Penn Hills Arsenal A 0
B Final
– Cranberry Bulls 2, Riverview Black 1

Cadet (13-15): 12 teams
Champion – Bill’s Falcons A
Runner-up – Brookline SAVS
Third place – Lightning Blue
Fourth place – Team Pittsburgh Outlaws
B champion – South Hills Vikings Gold
B runner-up – District 2
Final – Bill’s Falcons A 1, Brookline SAVS 0 (shootout)
Third Place – Lightning Blue 3, Team Pittsburgh Outlaws 2 (shootout)
B Final – South Hills Vikings Gold 5, District 2 1

Women (adult): 4 teams:
– Black
Runner-up – Gold
Final – Black 1, Gold 0

Thanks to:
The Pittsburgh Penguins foundation and Dave Soltesz!
All players, coaches and parents!
All tournament officials and referees!
The staff and dekhockey associations at Banksville, Bloomfield, Brookline and Riverview rinks!
PENS TV and Celina Pompeani!
Jessica Yeager, organizer of the women’s tournament!
More dekhockey events to come from the Penguins and Highmark!

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