Street Hockey USA presents:
April 27-29, 2018: 23rd ANNUAL STREET HOCKEY USA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS at RMU Island Sports Center, Pittsburgh.

Divisions: Men’s Rec A, Men’s Rec B.

Cost: Just $650 per team. U.S. funds only!!!

Three games guaranteed per team.

Local teams may be required to play Friday, April 27.

Jackets awarded to each member of championship teams.

T-shirts awarded to each member of runner-up teams.

Team trophies awarded to champions and runners-up.

Outstanding player awards will be given.

Roller hockey tournament will also be held! E-mail PENGUINSROLLER@HOTMAIL.COM for details!


Rules: The ASHI/IDTA rulebook will be used.

*Each team uses five runners and a goalie.

*Center line is offside. (Feb. 9-11 Cadet and Beaver tournaments use floating blue line.)

*Body checking and fighting are forbidden.

*High sticking won’t be called when signaling for a pass.

*Matching color shirts required.

*Gloves and shin pads are required.

*Goaltenders must wear full equipment.

*Games consist of three 10-minute periods.


Minimum roster is 11, maximum is 18.

Men’s Rec teams may not use A players.

Players can’t play in both Men’s Rec divisions.

Teams may only use players from within a 50-mile radius of their home rink.


For more information, call Mark Madden at 412-231-6759.


Payment required 10 days in advance of tournament.

Mail payment to: 9 Waterside Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Make checks payable to Mark Madden.

Hotel information available upon request.

Twitter is @StreetHockeyUSA

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